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How To Build A Garden Shed?

If you want to know how to set up a garden shed , watch out! Today we are going to give you some tips to buy a shed that can be used to store gardening tools, among other uses. With summer just around the corner, it is very important to have our terrace clean and tidy, don’t you think?

What You Should Know Before Knowing How To Set Up A Garden Shed

There are many applications that you can give to the outdoor shed of your patio and / or terrace. As well as being used as a storage place for tools, it can also be converted into a woodworking workshop, children’s play space and even used as a guest room.

For this reason, it is very important that before buying anything you are clear about the use you are going to give that garden shed. Once you are clear about this, you should think about the place where you are going to locate it, as well as its size and price.

We have created a small guide so that you know what type of garden sheds you need, depending on your priorities:

  1. If your idea is to get a small garden shed , the essential thing is that you buy an outdoor shed of 4 square meters. In it you can store the patio table and / or chairs, as well as some tools.
  2. But if you need a shed for storing bicycles, barbecues, or heavy garden equipment , go for something bigger. Ideally, you get an outdoor shed of at least 10 and up to 20 square meters.
  3. Also, if you want to turn your patio shed into a garage or guest room , choose a larger exterior house. We recommend that you opt for one of at least 40 square meters.

Tips For Building A Storage Shed

Metal roofs cost about twice as much as asphalt shingles. A metal roof generally lasts 30 to 50 years, and instead of covering the entire roof with plywood, you simply nail some 2×4 “straps” to the joists. Bolting large metal panels to straps is much faster than nailing hundreds of shingles. A shallow tool closet on the side or back of a shed offers quick and easy access to lawn and garden equipment. To build this tool cabinet, we built a 12-inch interior wall.

For a floor that is more durable than plywood, fill in the wooden base with gravel and lay cement pavers, just like in a paver patio. A pavement allows water to drain, making it perfect for a garden shed and you can rinse the floor with a hose. Sliding doors are easier to build than swing doors because they don’t have to be as stiff and strong. And since you don’t have to worry about hinges, installation is much simpler. Years later, sliding doors won’t sag or stick like swing doors. But sliding doors have two drawbacks. First, they are not so tight; creatures or snow can sneak around you. Second, you need a long wall for a wide door – the width of the door can only be about half the length of the wall.

If you want your shed to have a rustic and natural look, you can’t beat stained wood. Fiber cement generally costs less than wood, holds paint much longer, and never rots. Composite moldings (made from wood fiber and plastic resins) can be cut, nailed, or shaped with a router such as wood. PVC plastic trim is a more expensive alternative, costing about the same as perfect, knot-free wood. But it will last practically forever. A few decorative details make the difference between a display shed and a backyard eyesore. A loft or front porch can dress up a shed, but smaller details can also help. Features such as exposed beam tails, Simple decorative brackets, corner boards, a cupola, or a gabled window are great ways to add charm without adding a lot of work. If you frame your roof the traditional way, one beam at a time, you will spend half your day going up and down stairs. With the pre-built roof trusses, you’ll cut most of the ladder work, saving time and saving your knees.

Roof trusses made in standard sizes are surprisingly cheap, often just a few dollars more than wood alone would cost. Contact any lumber yard or warehouse for pricing and options. “Barn frame” windows are the simplest windows you can get: basic wood frames, single pane glass, and dividers for classic charm. 45 for a 22x 42 in. version) and versatile. You can install them upright or side, screw them in place permanently, or hinge them to the side or top. Some centers of origin carry them, but most do not. Call local sawmills or ask a manufacturer to recommend a local dealer. Skylights let a lot of light into a shed and, Unlike windows, they leave free wall space for hanging storage and shelves. Skylights made for houses are expensive, but there is an inexpensive alternative. 45 and are easy to install. Simply cut a hole in the roof sheathing, nail the skylight in place, and store it around. Plastic skylights aren’t exactly attractive, so place them on the side of the roof that is least visible. You don’t need to buy an expensive exterior trim nailer. A small inexpensive 18-gauge nail nailer can get the job done almost as fast. Because those skinny brads don’t have enough holding power to hold large clippings in place permanently, you need to put in a generous couple of beads of construction adhesive first. Then, Set the trim in place, using just enough nails to hold it while the adhesive sets. Unlike thicker nails, brads rarely split the edge and you will only have a few small holes to fill.